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(after spending a day in Southwark Cathedral
with prayer, worship and workshops)

I think too much
I take you apart, analyse,
pore over you bit by bit,
search for the magic words,
strain to hear your voice
but all I hear is mine.

A cathedral day of spirituality
meeting places –
would I meet you?

So I switched off my brain,
let all thought go.
I slowed into stillness
and several hundred people
could not get in.

I wandered the Prayer Station,
away from the crowd,
paused by each picture,
prayer stone warming
in my hand.

And I didn’t try, I didn’t question,
I just accepted.
I was here with you
and you were here with me.
That’s enough.

I’ve brought my prayer stone home,
it sits in my jacket pocket
ready to hold, ready for prayer
and as it rests in my palm
there is a heat exchange
as thoughts pass between us.

(c) 2013

A little Christian poetry

I’ve been doing a bit of writing today and when I’m not here I am posting poems on another blog I write as I am taking part in the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).  I was messing around with ideas to get me writing and decided to use the random word prompt.  The booklet nearest to hand just happened to be  one from a Christian organisation and so I thought I’d share with you what I wrote.

The random words were:

Willing                  runners                               Eucharist

Afternoon           creation                              channels

In Communion

I was a runner for God

willing to be his servant.


I was his creation

and when I celebrated


the Eucharist was transforming,

he in me and me in him;


that afternoon

the channels to my Lord were open.

©2012 hcw

And a plea – does anyone know how I can stop WordPress using two line spaces when I press return?  The poem should be single line spaced.