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God Hunting – Fasting (1)

My first week of fast I felt was a cop-out really.  Because I love reading so much, just sticking to non-fiction isn’t that much of hardship and even though I have finished the week I still haven’t got time to read fiction as I still have the book I’m currently reading to finish.  I have renewed it at the library and have around 200 pages left to go, but it’s a large hardback and can’t be read at the speed I read fiction!  I am missing fiction and am looking forward to the day I can get into a story again.

Last week I was pondering on what to have as my other three fasts.  The first one I have chosen is music – or rather not to listen to any music for a week.  I am not counting singing at church (which I feel IS allowed) and my choir practice tomorrow which I have to be at because we have a signing engagement in a hospital the following week.

Already I am missing music.  It is such a part of my life and this morning when I did a huge batch of ironing I really missed having the radio on.  I found myself singing in my head!  I have this old Beach Boys number from Pet Sounds going around inside (I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times).  I tried to stop but I do it without even noticing!  This will be a tough one!

My second fast will be internet related.  This will mean  no blogging, no Facebook, no YouTube and only opening and sending essential emails (to do with my church).  I may have to use some internet if I’m asked to look things up for homework for the courses I’m taking but I will avoid anything else.  It will be extremely tempting to open other emails!

I haven’t made a decision on my final fast yet.  Anyway, unless I can get to blog on Monday next week you will have to wait another week to hear from me.  I’m sure you are all gutted!

I have sorted out a book for Lent.  I ordered (and it came today) a book  entitled Transformed by the presence of Jesus by Liz Babbs published by CWR’s Cover to Cover series.  You can also order it from Liz’ own website.  There is an accompanying CD which I have also bought to enrich the experience.  Liz writes Celtic poetry and I have heard her speak so when I knew she was writing a Lent book my choice for this year was made up.