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Timelord meets his maker??

Dr Who was, as always,  GREAT last night. I’m a big ‘Whovian’ and was intrigued with last night’s episode in which the Tardis came to life through a human being. There was something quite spiritual about this episode but that is not unusual. Dr Who is full of allegory and symbolism and though written by atheists, uses themes of ressurection whilst the Doctor continually lays down his life for his friends. The doctor has always had an unusual relationship with his Tardis. This ship is like our life. The Doctor is reliant upon it to get from one place to another and often to get him out of situations. The Tardis is a friend – he talks to it, shouts at it and adores it (he names it ‘Sexy’). Finding the Tardis come to life through a human adds a new dimension to the series. They size each other up and find they know each other intimately and now they can speak face to face. There is a deep personal realtionship here and when working together they have overcome all manner of trials.

Three lines from last night’s show have stayed with me. I think the first line came from one of the Doctor’s companions (Amy). She said to the Doctor ‘You just want to be forgiven’ and the Doctor replied ‘Doesn’t everyone?’ How true is that!! The more profound lines come in a dialogue between the Doctor and the Tardis. She (the Tardis) is telling the Doctor that she never fails to get him from place to place. He says something on the lines of ‘But not always the place I want to go,’ to which she replies ‘But always to the place you need to go.’ Silence.

 In life I find this too – I want to go one way but the road is blocked. Obstacles get in the way. It is as if God is saying ‘this is not your road’ and he takes me somewhere else – not necessarily where I want to go but where I need to go – where I should be.

 In Dr Who last night when the Tardis leaves the body of the woman it inhabited and gone back to its home(after Doctor and Tardis have won the day) the Doctor is sad. As he sets off again he asks quietly of the Tardis ‘Are you there?’ I often ask God if he is there as sometimes it seems he has ‘left the building’. But yes, he is there and like the Tardis he is taking me on another journey. The ride will probably be bumpy but he knows the way.