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God Hunting – Worship (2/3)

ImageSince I was last here the corporate worship side of things has been in overdrive.  During Holy week I attended a Maundy Thursday service (believe it or not this is the first time I’ve done this since becoming a Christian.  I’ve always put this one off).  This is where the vicar washes the feet of some of his parishioners (I didn’t offer myself for this).  The service is interesting because as always I like to know what is going on!  I can’t switch off that inquisitiveness in me.  It is a moving service but I am wide eyed watching everything.  At the end the church is stripped of candles, altar cloths, any sort of adornment.  Some people sit in vigil until midnight in the Lady Chapel.

The next morning I went on the silent walk of witness with people from other churches in my town.  We walked from one church down the high street (holding up the traffic) and congregated outside the local Methodist Church for a short service.  It was bitterly cold but the service was lovely.  In the afternoon I then attended a service called The Veneration of the Cross.  Again this is new to me. The Passion of Christ is read out. At one point everyone is invited to come forward and lay a flower or fruit at the cross which symbolises  the Tree of Life. I took some flowers from my garden.  After the services we went into the hall for refreshments of Hot Cross Buns with cheese (a delicacy from the north of England and rather nice).

Finally, I attended the Easter Sunday morning service which had all my favourite Easter hymns.  On Tuesday I was also at a ‘said’ Eucharist service for the women’s group I run. So I have been at church rather a lot!

My personal worship was harder.  I did a little more art and writing, listened to some worship songs and continued to try and learn those Bible passages.  I’m almost word perfect but I still have trouble with the Chapter numbers and verses and I wonder if that’s because I have a ‘number blindness’.  I’ve always struggled with numbers.  I nearly gave up but I am still trying.  I’ve only managed to add one more verse to the original seven but I really can’t see me getting much further.  Facts just don’t seem to go in this way.

Last time I said I would share some of my writing with you.  What I originally wrote wasn’t much good but I later wrote something that came out of some meditation and this I will share with you.

The Meeting

I meet Jesus for coffee.

We sit at a table overlooking my favourite beach.

I love it here, I say.

He smiles.  You like my work? He waves he arm across the vista.

You made a pretty neat job of it, I laugh.  Then more seriously, I wish people didn’t keep messing it up…your world.

That’s what people do, mess up.

Just as well we’ve got you!

Jesus looks at me.

And you, you need to spend more time with me.  You run around with your schedules and I sit here waiting.

Did he have to bring that up? I am silent for a while mulling this over.  Sorry, I’m not much of a friend, I say guiltily.

Jesus puts his hand on my arm. Just remember, I miss you.


I sit back and watch the sea.  The tide breathing in and breathing out.

Jesus clasps my fingers and we hold hands across the table.

I close my eyes. I feel the sun on my face.  He’s right.  I don’t sit with him enough.  My busyness blots out his voice.

Forgive me?  I ask

Jesus laughs, Always.


I am intending to move on to the next chapter of the book next week as my time dictates how to handle this one and I need to bring it forward one week.  I will be looking at solitude.